Macadamia Substitutes

Macadamia Substitutes

This article provides an overview of macadamia, what it tastes like, its availability, alternative names, and of course what other ingredients make macadamia substitutes.

What is Macadamia?

Macadamia is a genus of four species of trees that are indigenous to Australia, specifically New South Wales and Queensland. Two of the species are cultivated for their fruit, the macadamia nut, which is now grown worldwide on a large scale.

Since 2018, South Africa has been the leading producer of macadamia, with a global production of 211,000 tonnes.

What does Macadamia taste like?

Macadamias have a rich nutty and buttery flavor, but a rather mild taste, that is somewhat similar to Brazil nuts and cashew nuts. Roasting or salting the nut brings out their sweetness and creaminess.

Is Macadamia readily available in Supermarkets?

Macadamias should be readily available in supermarkets. Where they are often sold in bags or mixed with other nuts.

What are some alternative names for Macadamia?

Macadamias are commonly referred to as macadamia nut, Queensland nut, bush nut, maroochi nut, Hawaii nut, and bauple nut. In the Australian Aboriginal language, they are commonly called bauple, gyndl or jindilli.

 What is a good substitute for Macadamia in recipes?

Luckily, there are a number of great substitutes for macadamia. These include: