Kimchi Substitutes

Kimchi Substitutes

This article provides an overview of kimchi, what it tastes like, its availability, alternative names, and of course what other ingredients make kimchi substitutes.

What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish typically made up of salted and fermented Korean radish and Napa cabbage.

Kimchi can be made in hundreds of different ways but is usually seasoned with spring onions, jeotgal, salted seafood, garlic, ginger, and gochujang, a Korean chili powder. Kimchi is often used in soups and stews and is eaten as a side dish with almost every Korean meal.

What does Kimchi taste like?

Kimchi has a unique flavor palette that includes sour, spicy, and umami notes. The flavor will vary, depending on the vegetable and seasoning used and the length of fermentation. Kimchi is a perfect example of an acquired taste, due to its strong pickled taste and overpowering aroma.

Is Kimchi readily available in Supermarkets?

Kimchi should be readily available in supermarkets and Asian markets, where it will usually be sold in plastic containers in the refrigerated section, or in glass jars.

It is usually next to other fermented products like tofu or pickled vegetables.

What are some alternative names for Kimchi?

Kimchi is written as 김치 in Korean, which is romanized to ‘gimchi’

What is a good substitute for Kimchi in recipes?

Luckily, there are a number of great substitutes for kimchi. These include:

  • Other pickled vegetables work best, with a dash of chili powder or hot sauce