Sesame Oil Substitutes

Sesame Oil Substitutes

This article provides an overview of sesame oil, what it tastes like, its availability, alternative names, and of course what other ingredients make sesame oil substitutes.

What is Sesame Oil?

Sesame oil is a type of vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. Sesame oil can be made from raw seeds, which is more suitable for cooking, as well as from toasted seeds, which are more commonly used as a flavoring agent and may create a burnt and bitter taste if used for frying.

What does Sesame Oil taste like?

If the oil is made from raw seeds, has a somewhat nutty taste and aroma, but not as intense or complex as the toasted sesame oil.

Is Sesame Oil readily available in Supermarkets?

Sesame oil is most commonly used in Asia and the Middle East for cooking and therefore readily available in these locations. Elsewhere, the stock might be limited, especially the toasted sesame oil, however, they are usually available in Asian supermarkets.

What are some alternative names for Sesame Oil?

There are no common alternative names for sesame oil.

What is a good substitute for Sesame Oil in recipes?

Luckily, there are a number of great substitutes for sesame oil. These include:

  • Any other oil will work well as a substitute, however, it won’t have the same unique flavor that sesame oil contains